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Battle of Mars-La-Tour/Rezonville (august 16, 1870)

This was realised for Eagle of Empires miniatures. It shows the 2e Hussards at the battle of Mars-La-Tour aka Rezonville, as it charged through the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 13, followed by other french cavalry regiments of the Legrand's division, towards the german cavalry division Von Bardy, which was shattered.

The battle was a tactical french victory, but a strategic defeat because of the aftermath decisions, and have seen the biggest and also the last cavalry fight (of this scale) in the European continent's history. However, the French HQ, despite having received a lot of reinforcements, decided not to exploit the day, and pulled all the forces back west of city of Metz. The French could have eventually destroyed completely the enemy army of the sector on the nest day if the HQ had found the resolution to do so. Instead, they left the field to the German who could pulled themselves out of this difficult situation.